GAP: Good Agricultural Practices Consulting

As the cannabis industry becomes more formalized, buyers of all kinds will want to be sure that the medicine or recreational cannabis they are consuming is grown under conditions that are sustainable and to the highest agricultural standards. Our assessment process will help growers to look at their growing practices in the light of a very detailed standard developed by SCCC staff.

This pre-assessment standard combines elements of a number of international agricultural and sustainability certification standards and defines the highest standard for commercial cannabis growers. The assessment is comprehensive and looks at your overall site management system, record keeping, propagation material, water use, pesticide and fertilizer use, energy use, equipment, harvest and processing practices, worker health and safety, training,  traceability and sustainability practices.  After the completion of this assessment your operation will have the information needed to work towards a third party audit such as The Cannabis Conservancy Sustainability Certification. You could also choose to be assessed with the rigorous SCCC in-house GAP/Sustainability standard. We work with you to refine your current practices or help you develop new ways to meet the demands of this constantly changing marketplace.


Food Safety, HACCP Planning and Implementation.

The market expansion of processed and packaged cannabis and related products such as edibles, salves, oils and many other products brings with it an increased scrutiny regarding the safety and quality of the product. We work with clients to ensure that the safest and highest quality products come to market through development of HACCP based Safety and Quality Management programs tailored to the individual operation.  We work with you to assess your needs, create a HACCP based program and help you implement it through collaborative oversight and training. Mitigate your business risks by working with us to craft a Safety and Quality plan that works for you and most importantly your customers.


Supply Chain Auditing and  Business Assessment

SCC provides comprehensive Supply Chain Auditing and Business Assessment services to companies such as Infused Edibles Manufacturers, Extraction facilities, and other firms that need to ensure the quality and sustainability of the raw products used in the manufacturing process. 2nd party auditing of suppliers is an industry standard method of confirming that the ingredients you use are of the highest quality, ethically sourced and sustainably grown. 

Verify Before You Buy: We also offer similar assessment services to cannabis insurance companies and potential cannabis business buyers and sellers.