3rd Party Certification

Introduction to the world of 3rd party certifications for Cannabis: We address issues critical to all cannabis business. Included are sections on: Market Value of a 3rd party audits? Audit Process Overview, Audit vs Compliance audits, GAP ( Good Agricultural Practices), Hazard Analysis for your business, Writing SOPs, Creating a QMS ( Quality Management System) for your business, and more.                        

1/2 day $1500          Full Day- $2000- 3000 with materials. Limit  of 30 participants.

GAP: Good Agricultural Practices for Cannabis Growers

We will explore industry standard best practices and documentation methods you will need to put in place in order to satisfy the requirements of new 3rd party audits, compliance officials and most importantly your customers. Sections include,Site management system, record keeping, propagation material, water use, pesticide and fertilizer use, product testing, energy use, equipment, harvest and processing practices, worker health and safety,worker training, traceability,  IPM-Organic and sustainability practices. 

1 day- $2500- 3500 with materials. Limit  of 30 participants.

Food Safety

Food Safety, HACCP, and QMS Implementation for Cannabis Businesses : We Cover: Risk Assessment strategies for Growers, Extractors and Infused Product makers, Food Safety fundamentals, HACCP based risk analysis, Worker training, Operational practices and documentation,raw and finished product testing, recall and traceability plan, security protocols, worker health and safety and more.......

1 day- $2500- 3500 with materials. Limit  of 30 participants.

All of these area can be combined into a 1 day overview workshop for $3,000-4,500, plus expenses.